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This is the best thing I did on my mat leave.

Wonderful! Both fun and educational for children.

We really enjoyed your music classes—the best music program the kids ever attended!

This program is fantastic: perfect variety of activities and goes at a great pace. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this experience. I don’t know which one of us loved it more! Thank you for the memories I have of doing this program with my daughter.

Your genuine enthusiasm is contagious; your voice is gorgeous; your song selection is colourful.  Not only is your program a joyous experience, but it also strengthens the child/parent relationship. Thank you!

Yours was easily one of the best children's programs I did with my daughters.

Very professional course and instructor. It was evident that a lot of thought and organization went into the course.

We really enjoyed the program. You are very well-prepared, talented and engaging to the babies. Mommy liked the songs. Baby loved the flute!

Your professionalism, genuine enthusiasm and unflagging energy made every week truly enjoyable for both of us. You are very lucky to have found work that suits you so well and that you so clearly enjoy!

My baby and I loved attending the class. She loves music and interacting with other babies, and I love to meet other parents with babies her age. The program gave us an opportunity to do what we both love most.

Making Music Meaningful is a great way to inspire a love of all things musical at a very young age. What better gift to give your child than to teach them the language of music.

You are truly great at what you do and you have such a lovely spirit and energy!

I enjoy the variety of finger rhymes and different songs! I like the repetition – helps to reinforce the songs but not too many times so that it’s boring.

My son and I really enjoyed coming to music class every Thursday. It was great to see him enjoy the music and interact with the other children.

My son really enjoys your classes. We sing and make music a lot at home, and I've noticed a change in him. He is obviously taken by your playing the recorder because he often pretends to be doing the same thing with anything he can find - wooden spoon, drum stick, etc.

Thank you very much! We have really enjoyed the classes. The wee one really liked the instrument portion.

Your level of professionalism and your ability to captivate the audience, both adult and child is a unique quality that is difficult to replicate! 


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